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Peace of mind.
Safety, Security,
Stolen vehicle protection
Vehicle status alerts
Real-world problems, SOLVED.
Device technologies, wireless data services, and strategic partnerships.

90% of new vehicles will be connected to a service by 2020. Our harmony of an integrated analytics platform to an exclusive hardware solution, agnostic to all car manufactures, gives us the competitive edge.

Serving the automotive industry through driver behavior lot management vehicle security services.

With auto insurance providers incurring significant loss due to inaccurate data, car dealers struggling to stay competitive and retain customers, and families facing vehicle thefts... our modern hardware and easy-to-use software solutions are the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Our vision

The Problem

  • Automotive dealers struggle with staying competitive and retaining customers.
  • 800,000 vehicles are stolen every year in the US. Safety, security, and peace-of-mind are in the forefront of protecting one’s family and friends.
  • Automotive insurance industry incurs an excess of $15B in rating errors each year as the result of inaccurate assessment of driver behavior, actual mileage, time-of-day, and location of the asset.

Our Solution

  • IGEN enables automotive dealer channels to offer new products, create additional revenue streams, and retain their customers.
  • IGEN offers peace-of-mind to consumers by providing direct access to vehicle status and driver behavior.
  • IGEN enables insurance companies to reduce their rating errors by offering consumers discounted premiums in return for access to vehicle and driver behavior data.

Our strategic partnerships enable nationwide coverage for service. installation. support.

Over 50,000 customers across several countries. These are our brands.